Forgiveness: Setting a Prisioner Free

What’s up everyone?! Greeting from Toronto. I just wanted to give you a small glimpse into what God is doing here in the city, not only in us but also through us. This past week I had the honor of preaching at Oasis Church, which is one of the church plants that I am working with here. When I was first asked to preach, and looked over the passage where the church was in there journey through the gospel of Luke, God spoke so clearly to me. The passage was on forgiveness, Luke chapter 17. When I read it the very first time God told me so plainly to share something that I had never told anyone, not even my parents. I shared this with my group, that God was leading me to share, but I didn’t really want to. After much prayer, study and meditation I felt like it was necessary for me to share this. Fast forward to church night, and there was a problem. One of our usual attendees was not in attendance. We found out through the loop that He was at a local bar, hanging with some friends, celebrating his birthday. The Pastor, my teammate Dylan and I, felt led to go and tell him how much we loved him and beg him to come to church (out of my respect and love for him he shall remain nameless.) After he learned  I was preaching, he agreed to come. Through prayer, both my own and of others, God’s Spirit moved so mightily, and I have never felt the Spirit’s anointing on a message as I did on this one. When I shared this experience, and how it had scarred me, and hurt me, and taught me to hate, yet how Christ freed me, taught me forgiveness, and love and how that when I forgave this person that it set ME free, An overwhelming joy flooded the room. After the service he approached me, and as he took my hand he began to weep, sobbing in brokenness. The only words he could muster were, “me too”. After we cried together, he shared how he had been hurt the same way I had, and how he knew God sent us to bring him to church so he could here the message. It completely blows my mind to see how God used the suffering in my life that nobody knows about to heal a man in a completely different country. God is greatly to be praised! — Hope you were touched by this story of how God is using us here in Toronto. If you are interested in knowing what it is that hurt me so badly, you can inbox me on Facebook, and if I feel led I will share with you. May God bless you. And please continue to pray for the work God is doing here. PS we have VBS this week, please lift that up!


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