Toronto: The Land of Opportunity

It has been a very exciting week here for me in Toronto, Canada. God is doing some big things, things too large for my comprehension. I had the honnor of serving with some of the most humble, self-sacrificing, Christ-loving disciples I have ever met. They were ironically from North Carolina, just like me. They were from Highland Baptist Church, and were led by their Pastor Mike Boarts. The team members were, Pastor Mike, Jim, Mark, Jason, David, Holly, and Pete. We worked, non-stop it seemed, all week. We were able to help coach at two different community soccer lov leagues, on Monday and Wednesday, where we not only shared character-building traits, but also the goos news and the love of Jesus. At the Monday night league, I was able to meet a whole community of Tibetans, the soccer team I coached was mainly Tibetan. As I spoke with them, the Spirit just overwhelmed my heart with compassion for them and the desire to reach them with the gospel; it’s crazy how God will send you to India to get a burden for the Tibetan people and then all the way back to Toronto to reach them. We’ll save that for later. However, at these camps we were able to give out registration forms for our up coming soccer VBS camps, and we already have dozens interested and signed up! On Monday and Tuesday mornings, we went through the community passing out flyers about a free comunity mean that we hosted Tuesday night before our worship service, and 75 people cam, to God be the glory. Wednesday morning we served at the food bank giving food to the needy and loving on them in any way possible. Wednesday afternoon we went from door-to-door in the community not only to raise awareness of our new Church here, but also to inform people that we would be collecting canned goods for the food bank, and then we Collected them Thursday afternoon. The team also helped at our ministry at the local Salvation Army. We have a coffee corner there, and we offer shoppers a free cup of coffee and a free conversation with hopes of sharing the gospel of Christ with them. We were able to be there on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, also, while people were engaging the customers, other members of the team were prayer-walking the community. There is so much more to write about, like the fellowship we had, and the encouragement we gave to one another, even of the relationships that were formed in the course of the week, but I am afraid that time will not allow. The point is, one member of the team sold his motorcycle just to come here and serve for the week, another brother was in a wheelchair and came to serve despite his disability, and another brother was limited in his walking ability due to extensive knee injuries. Yet, through divine calling, and devotion to Christ they served without complaint, and with faith. They opened my eyes to the truth that Toronto is a land bursting with opportunity to share the Gospel, and to share the love of Christ, not just through any means necessary, but through EVERY way you can dream of! May this spurn us all into service of the King.


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